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Here you can find the last three major model updates to GHGenius. To access you must be registered and logged into the forums. The files are zipped, any OS newer than Windows XP should be able to unzip natively; otherwise you will need a utility such as 7-zip or WinZip to unzip the files. The model requires Lotus 123 until version 2.6, or Excel after version 3.0. The Excel versions will always require medium or low security selected to run macros.

The tags under each model description will take you to reports related to that keyword.

 GHGenius 4.03 for Excel 2013
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There is an issue with the quick access tool bar in GHGenius when the model is opened in Excel 2013. A version of the model without this tool bar is available that allows the model to be used in Excel 2013. There is no difference in the model operation or the results with this alternative version.

Version 4.03 of the model has been posted. There are six reports that document the changes to the model.

1. A review of emissions from hydroelectricity reservoirs.
2. Maritime Emissions with a change in the emission factors for marine vessels.
3. An update of US data in the model.
4. The future fuel economy of light duty vehicles is updated. This includes the emissions associated with the production of vehicles.
5. The crude oil production emissions in foreign countries is updated with increased disaggregation of regions and revised methodology for calculating the venting flaring and fugitive emissions associated with crude oil production.
6. The palm oil production pathway was updated. A corn oil from dry mill ethanol plants was added to the model. New data on canola production was used to update the model. New data on soil carbon changes and N2O emissions in Canada was added. New information on manure application rates for various crops was added to the model.

Prepared March 2013
Tags: Canola Corn Oil Crude Oil Fuel Economy GHGenius 4.03 Hydroelectricity Land Use Marine Transport Natural Gas Palm Oil United States
A new version of the model has been posted. There are multiple reports that document the changes to the model.

1. There is an update to the electricity production section of the model with a new forecast for Canada and the use of annual increments.

2. The EV performance data in the model has been updated to reflect the performance of the newest generation of electric vehicles.

3. Similar updates have been made to the performance of Fuel Cell Vehicles.

4. Many of the Advanced Fuel Pathways in the model have updated defaults values.

Prepared October 2102

Tags: DME Electric Vehicles Electricity Ethanol Feedstock Fischer Tropsch GHGenius 4.02 PHEV PyrolysisOils Wheat Straw Wood
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