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 GHGenius Transition Team and Mission Statement
 By Don O’Connor @ December 29, 2014 19:13:28

The Terms of Reference for the GHGenius Transistion Team and the proposed Mission Statement for future development of the model have been posted in the Governance Forum.

 Governance and Opt-in
 By Don O’Connor @ June 29, 2014 15:34:56

A new forum have been created to communicate changes being made to the governance structure of GHGenius. An e-mail has also been sent to all registered users with the information. Watch for updates as the process evolves.

We have also added an opt-in feature to all user profiles. If you want to be advised of changes to GHGenius or notified of GHGenius events you need to opt in to the e-mail list. Please visit http://ghgenius.ca/forum/index.php?action=prefs and select “opt-in” to receive future e-mails concerning the model and information on upcoming GHGenius events.

E-mail addresses can be updated using the same link.

Don O'Connor

 Version 4.03a is Posted
 By Don O’Connor @ July 04, 2013 13:45:56

A revised version of 4.03 has been posted to the website. An error in one of the macros was installing the wrong value for the rate of change of canola yield under some circumstances. It depended on the order which default buttons were selected.

Don O'Connor

 Version 4.03 Manuals Posted
 By Don O’Connor @ June 25, 2013 21:38:21

The updated manuals for version 4.03 have now been posted in the reports section.

 Version 4.03 Posted
 By Don O’Connor @ April 07, 2013 19:29:10

Version 4.03 of the model is now posted on the website.

Six separate reports have also been posted that discuss the various aspects of the model upgrade.

New versions of the manuals will be posted soon.

Don O'Connor

 New Version (4.02) and Reports Posted
 By Don O’Connor @ October 19, 2012 14:57:05

The latest version of the GHGenius model, 4.02 has now been posted to the website.

Two new reports are also posted, one that deals with the update to the Electric Vehicle and Fuel Cell Vehicle pathways in the model and the other that updates a number of the Advanced Biofuel pathways in the model.

Updated versions of the GHGenius manuals are also now available.

 Version 4.01a Posted
 By Don O’Connor @ June 29, 2012 18:00:48

A slightly revised version of GHGenius 4.01 has been posted. An issue with one of the default bottons for fuel used in biomass production was corrected. Depending on the order in which the default bottons were pushed this could cause an issue with the sugar beet ethanol pathway.

New values were installed in the Monte Carlo tool as the old values used for demonstration caused a problem with the Monte Carlo macro.

Neither issue impacted the results for any other pathway.

Don O'Connor

 GHGenius 4.01 Now Available
 By Don O’Connor @ May 26, 2012 17:44:44

A new version of the model has been posted. There are multiple reports that document the changes to the model.

1. There is a new output sheet in the model; the user decides which pathways are included on the output sheet. It also allows the emissions to be calculated for a large number of power production options, including distributed generation.
2. There has been a major update of the data and the structure in the natural gas pathway. This has included the complete lifecycle including production, processing, transmission, and distribution data. The emissions for Canada are now calculated directly rather than relative to the United States.
3. The sugar cane ethanol pathway has been updated to include mechanical harvesting and unburned fields. The field emissions are now calculated much more rigorously.
4. Camelina has been added to the model as a feedstock for biodiesel and HRD.
5. Fossil jet fuel has been added to the model including production and use.
6. Biojet has been added to the model. It can be produced from any of the biodiesel feedstocks.

 GHGenius 4.00 is now available
 By Don O’Connor @ October 26, 2011 12:17:56

A new version of GHGenius is now available, GHGenius 4.00.

The model has improvements in three areas:

1. There have been some structural changes to the model that have been made to facilitate some future planned updates.
2. There are additional chemical inputs that can be modelled.
3. The user can now investigate alternative co-product allocation approaches besides the default displacement methods.

Don O'Connor

 Dec Workshop Presentations
 By Don O’Connor @ December 11, 2010 17:31:03

The December 2010 workshop presentation can be download
here or from the Workshop Forum.


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