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Website Questions

Q I have forgotten my password; can you send it to me?
A We store passwords in an encrypted format, so ONLY YOU knew it. If you have forgotten your password, we cannot restore it, but you can request a new one. Click on the word "Password" between the two boxes on the login page. Enter the e-mail address that you used to register and a new one will be e-mailed to you. Follow the instructions in the e-mail. You can login and under the "Preferences" tab on the Forum page and change your password.

Q I have registered but I can't access the model, what do I do?
A Your web browser must have cookies enabled to navigate between the pages. You must change your browser settings using the "tools" menu.

Q I couldn't remember registering for GHGenius, so I registered again. I received a note saying that my registration is already in use either by user name or password. I don't remember the username / password combination. Can you help me please?
A We can search the database for e-mail addresses and find the user name but we do not have access to your password. We can e-mail you your user name. If you need immediate access you can try to register a new username.

Q I have entered my user name and password but it doesn't accept them.
A User names and passwords are case sensitive and must include any spaces that were used during the initial signup.

Q I have forgotten my password and I have changed e-mail addresses. What do I do?
A You will have to register again. We can delete your original registration if you want to use the same user name.

Model Questions

Q Will GHGenius work on an Apple computer?
A Yes it will but it will not work with Excel 2008, which is the latest Excel version for Apple computers. This version of Excel does not support macros so GHGenius will not function properly with it.

Q I have entered new values in the model but the results haven't changed. What is wrong?
A GHGenius has circular references and must use iterations to solve them. These settings are found under "Tools", Options, Calculation. The Iteration box must be checked and a minimum of 25 iterations specified. These options are embedded in GHGenius but if another Excel worksheet is open when GHGenius is opened then the calculation options from the first spreadsheet will overwrite those in the GHGenius workbook and will have to be manually changed. It is always easier to open the GHGenius file first, and then open other Excel files that are needed.

Q When I open GHGenius it doesn't open on sheet A and when I press run program I get a warning "Macros in the project are disabled".
A The macro security settings are found under "Tools", Macro, Security. Low or Medium must be selected. You may have to close and reopen the model for the new settings to take effect.

Q I use Open Office. Will GHGenius work with that?
A The macros in Open Office use a different language than Excel so GHGenius will not currently operate in Open Office.

Q What is the difference between GHGenius and GREET?
A They are both similar Excel based lifecycle models but there are significant detailed differences between them in terms of the system boundaries, the fuel pathways modelled, and the default data stored in the models. GREET uses US data only. GHGenius has Canadian data as well as US data. GHGenius also has some data for Mexico and India. GHGenius has more fuel production pathways than GREET. The models do produce similar, but not identical results, when they are run for the same pathway and location. The differences can be identified and explained by experienced users.

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