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Dear Forum,
I am looking for the methodology that GHGenius uses to estimate indirect biofuel emissions, in particular those from converting new land into annual cropland as the total demand for farmland is increasing with new biofuel policies. How is this conversion accounted for? Is it possible to differentiate the original land use (e.g. perennial pasture, woodland, wetland)? How is the potential for regenerative agriculture for biomass production accounted for?

Thank you so much! Thorsten

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The base case in GHGenius is that there is no land use change for the crops in the model. Cropland is actually decreasing in North America and the demand for biofuel feedstock is being supplied by increases in yield and crop shifting, in part due to the use of the co-products from the biofuel production processes.

It is possible to determine the impact on the emissions if you know the types of additional land that is being cultivated. This is done on the Fertilizer sheet, rows 395 to 412 and columns B to Y.

There are a few cells in this range that have calculated values and should not be changed. The values in column Z must add to 1.00. You can lower the value in column X and increase the values in columns B (if new cropland comes from forests) and column E (if new cropland comes from native grassland).

Don O'Connor

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