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There is no private information automatically recorded by the site. If you wish to use the forums then we require a username, e-mail address, and password. We do not require that the e-mail address be from a non-free provider. There are further optional fields that may be useful if you wish for others to know who you are. When logged into the forum a cookie will be stored on your machine.

The information is collected for two reasons. The first is in order to properly identify and/or acknowledge those who post on the forum. As it is a scholarly environment we feel that those who innovate or help should be properly recognized, without the risk of someone posing as another person. A cookie will keep you logged in when you leave the site. The second reason is that some of the files available at the site have licenses controlled by a third party and we require a means to notify users of those files if the licenses change.

The information is collected only when you register for the forums, or change your forum profile. At no other time is your private information recorded. Anonymous usage statistics may be compiled as you use the site, but these will not and in many cases can not be connected to your user profile.

Information will be used to secure your identity on the forums and notify you of any change in the license terms of the GHGenius model.

Only the administrator of the site has direct access to all of the information. If you choose to make public your e-mail address any user of the forum will have access. Any of the non-required fields you fill in will be public. Your posting activities will also be summarized in your user profile.

No one outside of the site's staff will have direct access to the site's information, excepting that which has already been outlined as being public.

Information is kept indefinitely. If you wish to be deleted from the database then please contact admin@ghgenius.ca for the changes to be made.

If you have questions or concerns about the privacy policy or our use of information feel free to contact Don O'Connor.

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