Here is a list of commonly used acronymns and abbreviations that one is likely to find frequently in the model, documentation, and reports.

API America Petroleum Institute 
BBL Barrel; equal to 158.9 L or 42 US gallons 
bhp-h Brake horsepower-hour 
BTU British Thermal Units Energy. To convert to kJ multiply BTU by 1.055 
CAODC Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors 
CAPP Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers 
CEF CO2 Equivalency Factor 
CFC Chlorofluorocarbons 
CG Convention gasoline 
CGA Canadian Gas Association 
CH4 Methane 
CIE Compression ignition engine 
CIEEDAC Canadian Industrial Energy End-use Data and Analysis Centre 
CN Cetane number 
CNG Compressed natural gas 
CO Carbon monoxide 
CO2 Carbon dioxide 
CO2eq Carbon dioxide greenhouse gas equivalent based on 100 year global warming potential factors. Equal to the mass of CO2 plus 21 times the mass of methane plus 310 times the mass of nitrous oxide. 
cpl Cents per litre 
CSS Cyclic Steam Stimulation 
DDG Distillers Dried Grains 
DDGS Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles 
DME Dimethyl ether 
E10 & E85 10% and 85% ethanol with balance gasoline by volume, respectively 
EIA Energy Information Administration 
ETBE Ethyl tertiary butyl ether 
EV Electric vehicle 
FCC Fluid catalytic cracking unit in a petroleum refinery 
FCE Fuel Cell Engine 
FCV Fuel cell vehicle 
FT or FTD Fischer Tropsch distillate 
g Gram 
gal US gallon (1 US gal=3.785 L) 
GHG Greenhouse gases 
GJ Gigajoule 
GWP Global warming potential over a 100 year period: CO2, 1; CH4, 21; N2O, 310 
HAPs Hazardous Air Pollutants 
HDV Heavy-Duty Vehicle 
HFC Hydro fluorocarbons 
HHV Higher heating value of a fuel (combustion moisture as liquid) 
Hybrid Hybrid combustion engine and battery electric vehicle 
ICE Internal Combustion Engine 
ICEV Internal combustion engine vehicle 
IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 
J Joule 
k Prefix for thousand 
kg Kilograms 
kJ Kilo Joule 
km kilometre 
kW kilowatt 
kWh Kilowatt-hour 
L Litre 
lb Pound (0.4536 kg) 
LDDV Light Duty Diesel Vehicle 
LDT Light duty trucks, which includes trucks up to 3856 kg, as defined by the US EPA. 
LDV Light duty vehicle, which includes passenger cars, light duty trucks and sport Utility vehicles with a gross vehicle weight under 3856 kg as defined by the US EPA.
LEM Lifecycle Emission Model 
LFG Landfill Gas 
LHV Lower heating value of a fuel (combustion moisture as vapour) 
LNG Liquefied natural gas 
LPG Liquefied petroleum gases (principally propane and butane) 
M Prefix for million, when used with metric unit 
M100 Neat methanol (100%) 
M85 85% methanol with balance gasoline by volume 
MA Mixed Alcohol 
MCF Thousand cubic feet of gas at 15C temperature 
mi Mile (1.609 km) 
MM Million when applied to an imperial unit of energy 
MMBTU Million BTU (1 MMBTU= 1.055 GJ) 
MON Motor octane number (ASTM method D2700) 
mPa Mega Pascal 
mpg Mile per United States gallon (1mpg=0.4251 km/L) 
MTBE Methyl tertiary butyl ether 
n.a. not applicable 
n.e. not estimated 
NEB National Energy Board 
N2O Nitrous oxide 
NO2 Nitrogen oxides 
NG Natural gas 
NGL Natural Gas Liquids 
NGV Natural gas vehicles 
NLEV US national low emission vehicle emission standards 
NMHC Non-methane hydrocarbons, as defined by the US EPA 
NMOC Non-methane organic compounds 
NMOG Non-methane organic gases, as defined by the US EPA 
NOx Oxides of nitrogen 
OEM Original equipment manufacturer of motor vehicles 
PAH Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons 
PCI Product Carbon Intensity 
PEI Product Energy Intensity 
PHEV Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicle 
PJ Petajoule (1015J) 
PM Particulate matter 
PM10 Particulate matter having an aerodynamic diameter of 10 microns or less 
PM2.5 Particulate matter having an aerodynamic diameter of 2.5 microns or less
ppm Parts per million by volume 
psi Pounds per square inch of pressure (6.895 kPa) 
R+M/2 Average of the RON and MON octane numbers 
RDF Refuse Derived Fuel 
RFG Reformulated gasoline 
RON Research octane number for gasoline (ASTM method D2699) 
S Sulphur 
SAGD Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage 
SF6 Sulphur hexafluoride 
SO2 Sulphur dioxide 
SOx Oxides of sulphur 
SUV Sport utility vehicle 
t Metric tonne (1000 kg) 
THC Total hydrocarbon 
ton Imperial ton (2000 pounds) (1 ton=0.9072 tonnes) 
ULEV Ultra low emission vehicle standard 
US EIA United States Environmental Information Administration 
US EPA United States Environmental Protection Agency 
VCR Voluntary Challenge and Registry 
VKT Vehicle kilometres travelled 
VOC Volatile organic compounds