Ethanol Carbon Sequestration

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I am working on calculating the CI for an ethanol plant from wheat with carbon sequestration. I have the amount of carbon sequestered per L of ethanol which was entered on input tab B260 but do not understand rows 25 to 29 on the "Coprods" tab. My confusion is surrounding why the carbon dioxide captured at ethanol plants is being compared to carbon dioxide sequestered at power plants.

I noticed the equation for "Reduction in power consumption per tonne of CO2, kWh" is: 18/2/0.454. Could you provide some clarity on what these numbers mean?

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The parameters that you are looking at are for a credit for capturing CO2 for use as an industrial gas. There should be a reduction in energy use compared to other more dilute sources of CO2 that require more energy to concentrate the CO2.

fraction of CO2 that is sequestered and the energy use for the sequestration. The sequestration page is turned on when a 1 is entered in cell B69 on the input sheet.

Don O'Connor

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