Sugarcane Feedstock Emissions

4 months 3 days ago #486 by clarice.vassallo
Sugarcane Feedstock Emissions was created by clarice.vassallo
I am using GHGenius version 5.02 to identify the life cycle emissions of sugarcane as feedstock. 
Could you help me understand the following:
  • Sugarcane as feedstock in the tool refers to sugarcane bagasse?
  • What are the activities included under feedstock recovery? Does it only include the energy emissions associated with transforming sugarcane in sugarcane bagasse?
  • Do the tool results include GHG emissions associated with machinery used in the field to plant and harvest sugarcane?
  • Some countries use sugarcane burning as a practice before harvesting. Are there any sugarcane-burning emissions within the tool results?
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4 months 2 days ago #489 by doconnor
Replied by doconnor on topic Sugarcane Feedstock Emissions
Sugarcane as a feedstock in the model is the sugarcane as it is delivered to a mill for processing into ethanol.

The bagasse the product after the sugarcane is extracted.

Feedstock recovery includes the energy used in the cultivation of the sugarcane. It does not include any processing of the sugarcane.

There are no emissions associated with the manufacturing of the machinery used in crop cultivation in the model.

The emissions associated with burning the sugarcane prior to harvesting can be included in the model by entering the faction of the area burned in cell J123 on the input sheet.

Don O'Connor

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