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5 months 6 days ago #43 by Pb
EVs was created by Pb
I have a question regarding two types of EVs in the GHGenius. For PHEV , we have two types: Recharging and Hydro. These two types seem to have different assumption and results. Would you please let me know what is the difference between these two types of EVs?
Thanks a lot

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5 months 5 days ago - 5 months 5 days ago #44 by doconnor
Replied by doconnor on topic EVs
In general the regional power mix is used for recharging EVs and PHEVs in GHGenius. However it is also possible to specify and select your own power mix in the model.

On the Input sheet in cell B32, the dropdown menu has 9 pre-programmed options and a user defined option. The pre-programmed options are 100% that particular source. The user defined option can be specified on the Elec Emissions sheet in row 136. The active mix for the model is in row 146.

From your question I suspect that you have B32 set to "Hydro".

Don O'Connor
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