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I am running the model for canola biodiesel's carbon intensity and would like to understand the refined glycerine option co-product uses better. Based on other forum questions, I could see that the glycerine co-product can be allocated as refined when upgrading is done at your plant, and a high purity product is produced. For this project specifically, glycerine co-product has two ends:

1. It is used as fuel for RNG production.
2. Glycerine is refined in the facility and used back to refine the feedstock of the process.

With that, could you clarify what conditions classify glycerine as "refined"? For example: Could we classify glycerine as "refined" if refined in the facility and reused back in the process assuming that this substitutes the need for the purchased product?

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The glycerine that is used for RNG should be entered as fuel.

It is only the net glycerine production that would be considered as the co-product. So any glycerine that is recycled to transform the Free Fatty Acids back to lipids is not an output from the system.

Refined glycerine as a co-product should be either technical or USP grade.

I hope that this helps.


Don O'Connor
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