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4 months 3 weeks ago #154 by Tidewater1
Power Generated from Wood Pellets (slash) was created by Tidewater1
Hi There,

I am in the process of calculating different CI's for hydrogen. I am wanting to gage the impact of different types of electricity. For example, how can I see the impact of using wood pellets (slash) for electrical generation instead of the Alberta grid?


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4 months 3 weeks ago #155 by rdo
This is definitely possible, but not something the model is designed to facilitate. The method I'm going to use has the caveat that it'll be just for gCO2e (ie: not work with the separate gases or run model macros) and it may effect any pathways that make use of "other" electricity.

To add electricity via wood pellets we'll make use of two major updates from 5.01, the user defined grid and the updated Output Summary sheet.

For the first step you'll need to change the electricity use to the user defined grid instead of generic electricity. Roughly speaking this means lookinb in row 11 of Upstream Results HHV and changing 'Elec Emissions'!B55 to 'Elec Emissions'!B56. I covered this in more detail in this previous forum post .

The next steps are more difficult, because by default the model does not have the option of wood pellets to electricity feeding into the grid. What we do have is a column "Other" that is largely unused by anything in the model. To keep it simple we're just going to focus on keeping the first 20 rows on Upstream Results HHV functional.

To begin, we'll need to find the g/GJ-generated by wood pellets. In 5.01 this is easy to do on the Output Summary sheet. Down in rows 56 through 92 there is a table for calculating power generation emissions from many of the model's fuels. In cell C58 there is a drop down where the user can choose between over 40 fuel to generator options. Near the bottom is "Wood Pellets; Wood", select that. Hit F9 or the calculate button and the values should refresh. What we need is in C74, this is the g/GJ-generated.

Before the next step, a few notes.
  • There is a default generator efficiency for all pathways within this power generation calculator. The user can override this by changing the dropdown in row 59 and then entering a new efficiency in row 60.
  • The wood pellets pathway is based on extra processing of the wood pathway. As such it has its own energy inputs in rows 238:247 on Input, and the wood specific options also apply. This is all adjustable on the Input sheet.

Now, we have two options for this step. If the electricity is generated on site then the GJ-delivered and the GJ-generated will be the same. We can take the value from C74 on Output Summary and put it into M30 on Elec Emissions. If the electricity is not generated on site, but has standard distribution losses, then we would put the value from C74 into M26 on Elec Emissions. The model will then apply the standard generation losses and emissions.

At this point we have turned the "Other" source of grid electricity into electricity from burning wood pellets. You can now adjust the user grid on Power Gen, row 21. Combined with the first step you're done.

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