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I hope you are well,

I've been using GHGenius in my research. I have two questions, and I was wondering if you could kindly give me answers.

(1) There are 11 unit processes in GHGenius: "Fuel dispensing, Fuel distribution and storage, Fuel production, Feedstock transmission, Feedstock recovery, Feedstock upgrading, Land-use changes/Cultivation, Fertilizer manufacture, Gas leaks and flares, CO2 and H2S removed from NG, and Emissions displaced - co-products". I'd like to have a clear definition for each of these unit processes, some of which are much clear but for example Feedstock recovery and Feedstock upgrading are ambiguous for me. I do really appreciate it that you could either give me the definitions or refer me to where you've explained them.

(2) How these unit processes are connected to each other, and making a lifecycle.

Thank you very much,

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We do have that information on the website here.


Don O'Connor

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