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What is the basis for the fuel inputs for carbon sequestration of different products, and why they are different across different product streams? For instance, Hydrogen defaults to 23 kWh/GJ of electricity and 11kg/GJ of wood for carbon sequestration, whereas RNG defaults to only 15 kWh/GJ electricity for the same sequestration. One would expect that when sequestering the same waste stream, the inputs would be the same.


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There are two factors at play here.

The first is that the CO2 concentration in the exhaust streams can differ between pathways and the energy requirements are generally a function of the concentration of the gas. Highly concentrated streams require less energy per tonne of CO2 captured.

The second is that there are different quantities of CO2 available for sequestration for the different pathways. That is a GJ of hydrogen results in different CO2 rates than a GJ of gasoline from wood.

You will see that there is more consistency in row 31, which shows the GJ of energy required per tonnes of CO2 capture.

Don O'Connor

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